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Business VisasAttention corporate Human Resources Department heads . When you have questions about immigration, you can count on the V. Thomas Langford for answers.

Our Commitment to the Business Community

If you are recruiting for a major cosmetics, wine or health care industry business in Solano County, Contra Costa or Napa County, how can you be assured of avoiding potential violations of I-9 immigration law, staying in compliance, staying in business in the first place? A thorough initial consultation with is a huge first step.

Our commitment to the Northern California business community doesn't end with the assistance we offer to future employees living here or abroad. We're aligned with a number of outstanding companies too, in Solano County, Contra Costa and Napa Counties especially, to help them maintain compliance with I-9 regulations while they recruit.

I-9 Compliance Is Good Business

By now, we all know what non-compliance can mean for an employer. Everyone's heard the horror stories. Stiff fines, government raids, jail terms await those who fail to abide by the immigration law.

We'll set up a meeting with you and your managers, answer your immigration compliance questions, and help you establish your own system for I-9 certification and employment authorization documents. We'll also analyze your current immigration documentation and, with the utmost attention to attorney-client confidentiality, arrive at a verification process that suits your needs.

Let's face it: I-9 compliance is simply good, smart business. It can be a strong marketing tool in today's business world. We'll make sure you meet your customers' compliance certification needs.

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Let us put our 25-year reputation for thorough research, clear strategies, and competent representation to work for you. With a single phone call and initial consultation, you can be on your way to a brighter business future.

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