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U.S.-Mexico Immigration Lawyer in California

Helping Mexican Nationals Seek Legal Entry to the United States

Many Mexican nationals enter the country without a visa and without inspection by immigration authorities. As a result of their illegal entry, they later find themselves unable to obtain legal residency within the U.S.

At the Law Firm of V. Thomas Langford, we have worked closely with Mexican nationals for many years. If you are a Mexican national seeking assistance to obtain legal entry to the U.S., contact our U.S.-Mexico immigration attorney in California.

We Understand the Unique Challenges Facing Mexican Nationals

The immigration issues confronting foreign-born Mexican nationals are unique because of Mexico’s physical proximity to the United States. In addition, the American Consulate in Ciudad Juarez is one of the largest and busiest consulates iin the world. The process and wait time for visas may increase a Mexican national's likelihood of coming to the U.S. first and applying for a visa later. If you are considering this as an alternative to first filing for a family visa or an employment visa, we caution you against it. Once you leave the U.S. after an illegal entry, a three- or 10-year bar is put in place that bans your entry to the U.S. for that set time period. Multiple unlawful entries or unlawful entries after a period of unauthorized stay can also result in a permanent bar.

Mexican Immigrant Visa Waiver Lawyer

For individuals already in the U.S. or who are facing a bar of entry, we can assist clients in applying for visa waivers so that their immigrant visas can be issued. The waiver process is separate from the immigrant visa process that is supervised by the National Visa Center. At present there is a new procedure for filing for the waiver in advance of either leaving the U.S. or attending the interview in Ciudad Juarez. The USCIS has implemented a new proceedure to create a "provisional waiver" that allows a waiver to be filed in advance of the consulate interview. The new "provisional waiver"  is restricted to showing hardship to a spouse or parent who is a United States citizen or a lawful permanent resident.

Our law firm is familiar with these waiver issues. Under current procedures we prepare the waiver case while the consulate processing is in progress at the National Visa Center. We are familiar with the adjudication process at Ciudad Juarez and have close working relationships with a number of health professionals to assist clients in building a strong case for approval.

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