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No one is more dedicated to assisting applicants for U.S. citizenship than the V. Thomas Langford. It's so rewarding to see new citizens enjoy earning the rights and responsibilities of being an American.

Pride In Our Clients Citizenship

We think of our citizenship clients as people who are here to make our country stronger. You bring your own unique past and knowledge to our country of immigrants.

We have 28 years experience in guiding people from various countries through the naturalization process.

For starters, we assure you of a thorough consultation. We accompany citizenship and naturalization clients to all interviews, and tackle issues that might be problematic, like criminal records and receipt of public funds. We believe in full disclosure. We want the job done right.

We gather the documents, complete all the forms, and turn them over to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. We process every notification and requirement. We can also be of assistance with your citizenship examination.

Clear Strategies, Attention to Detail

Whether your application is for naturalization, certificate of citizenship, or replacement of a naturalization certificate, we map clear strategies for your case even before filing documents.

That attention to detail, and commitment to be with you for every step of your journey to citizenship, are hallmarks of our service to Solano County and surrounding areas for the past ten years. Call us. We can help.

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